Making Memories

Camp 2014 is almost here! I know I'm excited, are you!? Some of you may remember some of these amazing costumes and moments in the past 25 years of camp. My favorite: its a tie between Tweedle Dee and Tweddle Dum and the "dance"! What is yours? 


Thanks Nikita for the photos! 

'03 Island Fantasy- Totem Leaders.jpeg
'03 Waterfront.jpeg
'03 Island Fantasy- Pioneer leaders.jpeg
'02 Waterfront.jpeg
'02 Mardi Gras- The last dance.jpeg
'02 Mardi Gras- Program day.jpeg
'01 Waterfront_Archery.jpeg
'01 PA fashion show.jpeg
'00 Pirates- The 1st Dance.jpeg
'00 Pirates- PA treasure map.jpeg
'00 Pirates- Nikita.jpeg
'00 PA's.jpeg
'00 Hilltop.jpeg
'99 PA's.jpg
'98 Primitive.jpeg
'96 Ark.jpeg

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