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"Totem landing is our place, we like to stay up late, our food taste really great! "

We get to and from Totem everyday by canoe or walking along the lake trail. Some people say it’s the quiet side of camp, but we know otherwise! Our site is closest to the swamp and we get the honor of being sung to sleep each night by a chorus of bullfrogs!

We sleep in cabins of 4-8 hammocks, and they have 3 walls each.

Totem is a beautiful wooded campsite, and is shaded most of the day. It has a large cook shelter with a sink with running cold water and propane stove with 4 burners. There is no electricity in our site. We have "biffys", a fun name for an outhouse. (“bathroom in forest, for you").

The Totem leaders are so excited that your daughter will be joining us! We look forward to getting to know her and helping her grow as a Girl Scout and leader.

If your daughter is in 7th or 8th grade, this is where she will stay.


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