Welcome Program Aids!

We are so excited to have you in our unit! You ladies are growing into young adults and we are here to help guide and mold you into the best leaders you can be. These campers look up to you, want to be you and admire you. That is why it is your job to be fun, teach them songs and games and help them with their crafts as well as be patient with them and guide them into playing well together when they fight, encourage them to boat with you when they are having a bad day and to keep tabs on them so they don't get lost.

Being a PA is a big job but you are still a camper. Along with building your leadership skills, it is your number one job to have FUN!

You will be staying in Lower Tilakum. This unit has one very large room with bunk beds arranged around the perimeter walls. It has a separate bathroom with showers and is heated with electricity. The kitchen area has a refrigerator, with cookware for 14. We also have a fire circle nearby for making s'mores!

If your daughter is in 10th-12th grade, she is eligible to be a PA. Please have her fill out the PA application form here and make sure that you fill out all of the camper forms here