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Welcome to Primitive!  

Now that you are one of the senior campers at Camp Lyle McLeod, you get a unique experience with being the only unit that doesn't sleep in a cabin structure.  That's right, Primitive goes true camping style by sleeping in tents!

In our unit, there is a bit more freedom, independence and choices.  As senior campers, we get to help the younger campers with boating and even have a "Girls Night Out" with our littlest campers at Hacienda.  One of the highlights of the week is on our very last night, we sleep in a circle, under the stars!

There are eleven tent sites, a water faucet, a latrine a picnic table and a fire circle. The tents, as well as everything else, are packed in by the leaders and the campers. This unit is set back in the woods for for a secluded feeling even though its close to the central part of camp.

Come join us in Primitive for a week full of fun, laughter, crafts and activities!

if your daughter is in 10th grade, this is where she will stay.