Margret Scout:

Here is where your daughter will learn everything she needs to know to survive in the wilderness. Things like How to cook in a dutch oven, and how to tie knots and even how to signal for help. They may even get to swim across  the lake (which we do every other year) if they past the green swim test!



Here your daughter will get a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn target practice with a bow and arrow. Our Highly qualified team will instruct your daughter on the safety of this skill and teach her how to count up her points. At the end of the week, the points will be added up and three girls from each unit will get an arrow for first, second, and third place! This skill is only taught to and Lakeside and older units.



If we are having a particularly hot summer it's great to cool off in the lake! Your daughter will get the opportunity to swim every day. Sometimes we even have cool toys to play with!



At boating your daughter will learn things like how to hold a paddle, how to properly fit a life jacket as well as a few fundamental strokes. In the older units girls get to participate in canoe games such as mulberry bush (where you all trade positions in the boat at the same time) and canoe over canoe rescue where they will rescue each other from the middle of the lake. Remember to bring your aquasox in case you fall in!



The craft lodge is right above the boat dock. The craft ladies always have cool things like glitter and paint for your daughter to decorate her crafts with. They always come up with the coolest crafts to introduce to your camper. Every year the crafts change and sometimes they even fit that years camp theme.

At Woodcrafts your daughter will get to use tools such as a hammer and nails to make a work of art. Then they will take it up to the craft lodge and decorate it themselves!