Trail & Sail community camp has the pleasure of using the girl scout property Lyle McLeod for a week every year.We accept girls going into the second grade through high school; and we love it when our high school age girls make the decision to become junior councilors!

At camp your daughter will get to experience all of the fun acctivities that make girl scouting so wonderful such as swimming, boating, crafts, woodcrafts; scouting skills such as outdoor cooking, lashing, & knot tying, and archery for the 6th grade and older girls.

Each of our 7 unit villages are located around the lake with one actually on the lake, the path to each village is relitively level and the trail around the lake is 1 2/2 miles. The Villages located across the lake get to boat to and from their village each day.

Trail & Sail is unique in its devotion by it’s all volunteer staff, many who come back year after year, and their dedication to this wonderful camp and camp property.